International Conference on Cultural Musicology
24-25 January 2014
University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe doelenstraat 16
1012 CP Amsterdam

On January 24-25, 2014 the musicology department of Amsterdam University organised an international conference about cultural musicology on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Wim van der Meer. As a cultural anthropologist and a musicologist Wim van der Meer has contributed significantly to the field of cultural musicology. For the last thirteen years he and Prof. Rokus de Groot were at the very core of the Amsterdam musicology department which saw an impressive renewal of both the education programmes and the research activities.
The term cultural musicology has been circulating a lot in the past decade, but often in an implicit manner. Through the joint efforts of the participants the conference aims to clarify and expand the field. Scholars with a widely divergent background and interest in music will present their contributions about fundamental issues related to the interconnections between music and culture in different parts of the world.
The conference is open to scholars and students in musicology, cultural studies and related disciplines as well as interested persons in general.
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